Listening to the Sox in New England: Red Sox Affiliates, Mapped

New England Red Sox Affiliates
New England Red Sox Affiliates

Like a lot of people, I catch a large number of the Sox games from the car each summer. Whether it’s visiting family, a long weekend away, or traveling for work, few things pass the time more effectively than a ballgame. At least for me. But nothing is more frustrating than getting to a critical part of the ballgame and losing the signal and then the game because you can’t find the local affiliate.

The last time we had this problem, the fiancée found and bookmarked the Wikipedia list of Red Sox affiliates here. This weekend found us traversing the green and white mountains, however, where neither of us knew from the list what cities or towns were actually close enough to pick up. In spite of being wicked clevah, I’d never considered that this was a problem with a solution. Fortunately, my fiancée is quite a bit brighter than yours truly and suggested that I map the affiliates.

So I did. I’ll see if I can tweak this a bit going forward to improve the usability, but in the meantime, if you find yourself in New England short of a Red Sox radio affiliate, we hope the above is of use to you.


8 thoughts on “Listening to the Sox in New England: Red Sox Affiliates, Mapped

  1. I know we've gone over this before, but I just thought I'd let you know it's happening again: I get "Session Expired. Please Refresh" instead of a Tableau graphic. I've tried refreshing repeatedly…

  2. Yup, works fine with FF. Note that I've viewed Tableau output on other sites with Safari in the past, though. NYTimes, for sure, maybe others. Not sure what the difference would be.

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