If I Build It, Will There Be Wiffle?

Those of you that have visited the SOG compound in Maine are already aware that I take wiffleball more seriously than the average bear (I’m already on a throwing program). Those of you who haven’t, well, the above video is for you. If they’re crazy, they’re crazy just like me.

Discovered via andWhammy, it’s an interview with a family that turned their front yard into a wiffle park, their front porch into a skybox, and their neighbor’s house into a difficult sale. While I’m of the opinion that our wiffle venue in Maine is superior – a homer to left doesn’t land in a street, but Robinhood Cove – this is obviously my kind of family.

And maybe if I’m lucky, this is a glimpse at my future. But let’s keep the fact that I intend to turn the family place into a mini-Fenway Park on the down low, if we could.


3 thoughts on “If I Build It, Will There Be Wiffle?

  1. Steve:

    Tell your readers about the time I pasted you in wiffleball, on your home field in Maine, 8-0. Wasn't there a water ball in that game? I can't remember…

  2. One bad inning – if you'll remember, you were held hitless the rest of the game – does not a bad career make. Any more than one win makes you credible.

    How bout the year before when I took you into both the tree and the cove? Not bringing that up now, are you…

  3. One win? One win?

    There have been many more than one win… None by such a huge margin, but there have been many…

    And I would have caught that ball had in not gotten hung up in the very top of that very large tree.

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