So Crisp is Gone?

This is a precursor to the trade of one Covelli Crisp, correct?

Given that Kielty (pronounced “KELL-ty”, I think) said earlier: “I really need to play in the best situation. With Coco not there, it is a very good situation for me in terms of playing time. But with Coco there, it’s not an ideal situation for me.”

And as Rotoworld notes: “The Red Sox appear set with a bench of Coco Crisp, Sean Casey, Alex Cora and Doug Mirabelli, so unless Crisp is dealt, there won’t be room for Kielty on the roster.”

Assuming he’s traded, the question then is: what did we get? Billy Beane is reportedly enamoured of Crisp’s defense, but those that have speculated that Huston Street would be a potential return are – to me – wildly optimistic.

Still, it should be interesting to see. Assuming he’s traded, of course. In any event, I like the deal. It’s low risk, and Kielty is a serviceable fourth outfielder with center field abilities.


6 thoughts on “So Crisp is Gone?

  1. an excellent point, and another reason the deal is a good one as it preserves our roster flexibility, albeit at the expense of Kielty's job security.

    that said, my bet is still that Crisp is gone.

    The Globe's latest:

    "The Sox yesterday informed the switch-hitting outfielder they're bringing him back anyway, suggesting that a trade involving a center-fielder, while not certain, remains a good possibility. Crisp, who was supplanted in the starting lineup by the rookie Ellsbury in the ALCS and remained on the bench in the World Series, would figure to be the most likely to go. There is nothing imminent on the trade front, however."

  2. My guess is that he doesn't get dealt before the season starts — I just hope he doesn't pull a Jay Pay and become a nuisance…

    Trading Crisp is a little like how I feel about selling old computers: they're worth more to me than what I'd get in return. He would be a great chip if we were willing to take on a solid, older player with a fatty contract, but we're not. The only thing we'd want is bullpen support or young guys, but there's just not a good match out there it seems.

  3. From the interview his agent gave earlier in the season (below), I think there's every reason to believe he'd pull a Jay Pay. Which is why I think he'll be traded, but I could be wrong.

    "Covelli understands the situation, but being in a situation where he would be looking over his shoulder at [Jacoby] Ellsbury would be unacceptable," agent Steve Comte said. "He certainly doesn’t see himself as a fourth outfielder."

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