I Want to Walk the Earth, and Bring the Sox to the People

Though their popularity appears to know no bounds, I’ve convinced myself that the Red Sox need to create a quasi-official evangelist role. And that I should be the prototype for said role.

The end result of my latest recruiting efforts: a two year old Big Papi fan. Who have you brought over lately?

Ask not what the Red Sox can do for you, but what you can do for the Red Sox. And so on.


2 thoughts on “I Want to Walk the Earth, and Bring the Sox to the People

  1. As the father of a 4 year old girl who was able to identify Big Papi on TV before she could identify just about anything else on TV, I got a particular kick out of this video. I never tire of the thought of our brave new Red Sox world where my daughter will grow up thinking of the Sox as winners and champions. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad you appreciated that one, Randy. Some of the first words she learned – thanks to her Dad, who's a college buddy of mine – were "boo yankees," "go red sox," and "big papi." You gotta start them young 😉

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