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The Fallback Plan, originally uploaded by sogrady.

Yes, I got gang probed this morning just like you did. Worse, I’m betting.

First, I overslept for an inning and a half. My bad. But when I finally did wake up, DirecTV was giving me the now infamous bouncing logo rather than the game I expected. Some of you would probably just revert to the internet at that point, but you obviously aren’t occupying room 463 at the Palace where the wifi is non-existent and the HSDPA is crappy and inconsistent. I might as well be on the frigging moon here.

Which left my iPhone and good old wap.mlb.com. Seriously.

But you know what? I don’t care. Like Hutch, I’ll take anything. Anything with a W, that is.

The Sox played a real game for the first time since October, and won that game. Won ugly, maybe, but won. Meaning that they officially lead their division in games that matter. My personal misfortunes are nothing compared to that single, beautiful fact.

For all the good people out there that got up early with me and feel like telling DirecTV what they can do with their apology, I’m with you. I really am.

Yet I’m headed to bed now, because my team needs me – needs us – tomorrow morning earliest. So I’ll be there, and hope you will too.